Our construction facility has a fixed cost to your clients of circa 15% of the total loan amount required regardless of the loan term with no fees.

This facility has a pre-agreed, so there are no surprises along the way.

Our lender can start immediately without the cost and delay of requiring presales, QS reports, as well as time-consuming and expensive valuations.

Construction Completion

Most construction projects experience a shortage of funds to complete and unknown contingencies can often place them in a volatile position.

Our solutions focus on the injection of working capital to complete the construction with a fast and simple caveat loan.

Our construction completion facility centers on the immediate availability of funds to complete the project with a fixed upfront cost pre-agreed so there are no hidden costs or surprises.

We will work closely with you and your clients every step of the way to quickly implement the most appropriate funding structure to complete the project and move forward on a strong footing.

  • No Pre-sales
  • Owner Builder
  • Credit Impaired
  • No development history
  • Non resident